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Design Tip From Baer’s: Home is where the Round Furniture Is

A new study shows that people prefer to socialize in spaces filled with curvy forms and shapes.

"Curvilinear forms create warmth," said Sibel Dazkir, a doctoral student in design and human environment, who conducted the study.

In the study, participants viewed four computer-drafted room interiors and rated how each made them feel. The rooms were viewable only in gray scale, to avoid other influences, such as color and texture, Dazkir said. Two rooms contained rounded furniture, while the other two had rectangular furniture arranged the same way.

Participants stated that the curvy rooms made them feel happier, more hopeful, comfortable and relaxed than the sharp-angled rooms, according to Dazki. Although the study subjects found the all-gray rooms “boring,” they indicated the rooms with rounded furniture were more pleasurable and approchable (meaning, they’d rather socialize in it.)

So, adding a round object such as a rug, table or ottoman to your home will make guests feel more at home in your home.  

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