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Baer’s #1 Fan

Dear Ira,

I am writing to you concerning my recent visit to the Baer’s furniture store in Stuart, Florida.  This past Saturday I spent most of the morning going in and out of consignment shops and used furniture stores.  If memory serves me correctly it was 7 in all.  I was able to find two great pieces, one of significant age that I almost feel guilty about paying so little for and another great piece that is going to cost a small fortune recovering.

I then drive north past the Baer’s store.  I couldn’t help but noticing all the cars at the store.  I made a quick u-turn and headed inside.  I was met immediately by Donna Mason.  She asked what I was looking for and I honestly had to stop and think about my answer before giving her one.  Finally I told her either a coach or sectional.  I briefly described my taste and style and off we went, all the way to the back of the store.  We turned the corner and there it was…a sectional.  It was spot on.  Just the right size and comfort level I was looking for and the color/fabric was perfectly neutral.  Then there were two more surprises…it had a fold out bed and an AMAZING price!!!  Where do I sign and how do I get out of here?

If only that were the case I probably would have never taken the time to write you.  I want you to know, I spent about another hour in the store.  I purchased a gorgeous coffee table and a matching high top table.  Then there was the TV/entertainment unit with Zebra wood inlays…fabulous piece and I had to have it!!!  Four pieces in about an hour!  I came into the store with absolute no intention on buying anything.

I had to rest and Donna needed to go fill out paperwork.  She came back about 30 minutes later and by that time I had some bad news for her.  I told her to look at the chair I was sitting in.  She did and asked why.  Because you’re going to have to add it to the order I replied.  5 pieces…there goes my budget!  Not at one time did Donna push, or twist my arm to buy anything.  She stood back and let me go about my business, pointed out the things she knew I would be interested in.  Told me who the manufacturer was and what they were known for in the business.  We had a lot of fun and it was truly a joy to work with her.

Finally it was time to pay.  I have to say, I almost felt guilty paying so little for the quality I am going to receive.  The store manager, Virginia came over and thanked me for the business.  Right after I signed on the dotted line I was introduced to a lady by the name of Cathy Baer…you may know her.  She too was gracious enough to come and thank me personally for coming into the store and purchasing all the items.  I felt like a rock star!!!A truly happy rock star!!!

BTW…received my furniture yesterday, 4 of the 5 pieces I purchased were floor models, all in excellent condition, no new scratches or stains.  The delivery crew, Mitch and Sean were friendly, courteous, and aware of walls and obstacles in my home and paid close attention to not damaging anything.  They even put little pads on all the legs for me so it didn’t scratch the tile if I needed to move the pieces later.I have been absolutely blown away by my shopping experience at Baer’s, from the top down.  The products and service levels are spot on and I know that it must be extremely difficult for your company to keep up this pace during this sales event, but keep it up any way.I am heading back to Baer’s this weekend to purchase the end table that matches my coffee table and desk.  Who knows what else I’ll find while I’m there.  It really doesn’t matter as I am now one of Baer’s #1 fans and will be for life!  I’ll probably make it part of my weekend routine.


Michael Maurer

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